Currently in progress. For once, I wanted to start a typeface by designing its italics and see in which way it could influence the roman version. Calligraphy first inspired me and then I wanted to rationalize the forms, to make them more modern, more straight.

Jan — 2019
Italic (regular on the way)
from Light to Black


Inspired by the 19th century's legacy, I've drawn this font for my diploma project. This italian typeface uses Monotype's old witdth principle, used for the matrix. It means that this font is not monospaced, but it has a limited range of width, from 100 untits to 100 units, giving it a mechanical and straight aspect. Two versions of the ornamented style (plain and reversed) are available, so you can stack them and obtain new patterns.


Jun — 2018
4 styles +
a set of ornaments


A few posters I have made to show the principles of my diploma font and ornaments, Giana system.

Jun — 2018
from 297 x 420 mm
to 600 x 850 mm


Here are some pictures of the exhibitions on which I was able to work with Margaret Gray.

01. Préhistoire
Centre Pompidou

from Feb — 2019
to Nov — 2019


Designed for the website and foundry of the DSAA Typo’s class. Savon is a modern revival based on the mythic Garamond. It just wants to be discrete and simple, to enhance the other typefaces displayed on the foundry. Its ascenders and descenders are short to save some vertical spacing.
Italic by Loan Bottex and Léo Guibert
Bold by Marion Sendral


Font in use:
Oblique Strategies

Jan — 2018
2 weights


Internship report on my 3-month Scottish experience with Atalanta.

Mar — 2018
120 x 180 mm


Sans Douleur is a creative workshop founded in May 2015, based on the love of the homemade, the handmade and the well-made. The story begins as follows: an encounter between Alexandre Martins, born with a pencil in his hands, and Fanny Hamelin, born with a needle between her fingers. Both attracted by the world of tattoo and fashion design, they decided to combine the uniqueness of one with the serial character of the other in order to obtain unique pieces. The connection between tattoo and handmade embroidery involves key elements such as: the needle, manual work, mastery of the gesture as well as the creativity and rarity of each piece. By giving the name Sans Douleur the creators of the workshop wanted to suggest that embroidering a t-shirt was like a painless tattoo.


A book I have made from my visual researches for my diploma project. It covers architecture, fashion design, product design and patterns.

Feb — 2018
148 x 210mm


Jersey is a modern Fat Face, adapted from a laser cut font project. It is redesign to be used as a dynamic print font.

June — 2017
1 weight


This is the english version of my french thesis. I became interested in fancy fonts, the subject on which my degree is based. I tried to trace a brief history, to question the status of these fonts. I also did a research on the current events and the contemporaneity of these fonts. In a last time, I analyzed this part of the typographic classification through the prism of kitsch, which is a notion that fascinates me.

Apr — 2018
110 x 200mm


Bathilde is a sans serif Gothic inspired font. Designed in four weights — light, regular, bold & black — this typeface is an exercise in style. Here, the weight is not coming homogeneously all around the letter as it is generally the case, but only in its counterpunch, so that its width does not increase.

Mar — 2017
4 weights